Experiential / Sponsorship

Miller Lite

Music festivals are a crowded space and lite beer is a crowded, creatively-spelled category. To help Miller stand out, we helped them take a stand for what really matters: the music.

While most brands focus on the superficial parts of festivals (VIP sections, selfies, etc.), we built a bar for the real fans and developed the way Miller Lite walks, talks, and acts in music — something that also permeated all of our social posts, digital banners, and swag.

The project proved so successful that, for 3 years, Miller used us as their lead music strategy agency, consulting with us on everything from paid media to social.

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Everything we created laddered up to that strategy, from the scenic builds to the swag.
At any festival there's a lot of bands you've never heard of. This was a lo-fi way for fans to help each other discover new music.
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Role: Lead Creative
154K+ fans over 3 summers
100K+ beers sold
42K+ pieces of swag earned
11.7K+ cans crushed for plinko