Major League Baseball

Baseball fans are very old and very white, and baseball is worried about what will happen in the next 20 years. I'm betting the world will end, but as an agency, we bet on helping young people see the national pastime in a new light.

Baseball has the best, most accessible game day experience in sports. So, to connect with a generation that prizes experiences, we created MLB FoodFest: a traveling, weekend-long blowout that brought the best dishes from every stadium to different cities + paired them with scroll-stopping Instabait.

The first was such a success that we kept rolling it out again and again (twice in NYC and once in LA).
We designed every punny piece of copy and shareable detail to freshen up the league's voice and image, showing a new generation of fans that this isn't your dad's MLB.
The first FoodFest sold out in 2 days. We ended up cancelling our promotional plans because the idea sold itself.
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We built a 3-camera rig that automatically stitched together shareable, Tasty-style videos.

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Role: Lead Creative
122.5M+ social impressions
60+ outlets covered us (including live segments on GMA and The Chew)
12.5K tickets sold
75% of attendees said they planned to watch more baseball afterward
35% attended a game within the month