Re: Pegasus Turbo Launch

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Creative Lead + Copywriter (David Butler), Design (Patrick Finch + Alexey Krupinin) Production (Jessica Doren)
THE ASK: Nike was launching their biggest running shoe of the year, but budgets were tight. So how do you impress New York’s press and tastemakers on a shoestring?
OUR SOLUTION: There’s a formula to press previews: cool venue + fun displays + catering. But rather than run jaded editors through another rinse & repeat press event, we opted to run them through the streets of NYC.
We used the city itself to tell the shoe's story. From branded graffiti to a massage parlor takeover, hidden moments brought the the gritty world of We Fly (the overarching campaign) to life.
  • Developed, pitched, and sold the concepts/executions
  • Oversaw execution to maintain creative vision
David Butler

It all started with a takeover of Nom Wah, Chinatown's oldest tea parlor

what dis?
David Butler

We gifted shoes to guests in bamboo boxes on dim sum carts

and dis?
David Butler

Then we warmed up in the alleys before taking to the streets

what r they doing?
David Butler

There were 3 running routes, with easter eggs waiting around every corner​

what about dis?
David Butler

To talk tech, we turned Nike's diagrams into a reflexology chart + used a massage parlour as our visual aid

David Butler

For the campaign reel, we transformed the streets into our screening room with an LED screen truck

that a wheelie tv?
David Butler

A rooftop party with an incredible sunset view awaited them at the end of the run

what dis?