Re: Boston Marathon

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New Balance
Creative Lead + Copywriter (David Butler), Design (Tim Patch) Production (Mili Marcetic & Joanna Ventour) Projection + Video (David Bracetty)
THE ASK: Remind people that New Balance is Boston’s hometown athletic brand during the Boston Marathon.
OUR SOLUTION: Nobody has mastered the art of the marathon like the city of Boston — and to prove it, we created a gallery called This Is My Boston.
Inside we had 5 exhibits that ranged from high-tech projections to simple, analog flip-books. Each offered a highly personal, runner-driven view of what it's like to be a real, local, Boston athlete (something only NB could authentically do).
  • Developed, pitched, and sold the concepts/executions
  • Oversaw execution to maintain creative vision
David Butler

The pop-up centered around neighborhood singlets — NB's way of reminding ppl this is their hometown

what dis?
David Butler

Each social-friendly installation reinforced NB's connection to Boston and unique POV as a local

and dis?
David Butler

We developed a projection ‘try-on’ photo moment, which pushed content directly to runners' phones

what about dis?
David Butler

We helped NB's pro athletes share their favorite Boston runs with a series of 'live GIFs' — aka flipbooks

flippy picture thing?