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Creative Lead + Copywriter (David Butler), Design (Monica Herman, Katy Bohurjak, & Patrick Finch), Production (Janna Ferner-Bell & Holly Krois)
THE ASK: With the oldest fanbase in professional sports, MLB is trying recruit the next generation of fans. Awareness is already high, so our task was to help young people see the national pastime in a new light.
OUR SOLUTION: MLB has long has the best, most accessible IRL fan experience in sports. So, to connect with a generation that highly prizes experiences, we created MLB FoodFest — a traveling, weekend-long blowout that brings the best dishes from every stadium to different cities + pairs them with scroll-stopping, oversized Instabait moments.
Every punny piece of copy and shareable detail is designed to freshen up the league's voice and image, showing a new generation of fans that this isn't your dad's MLB.
The first was such a success we've rolled it out again and again — in LA, NYC (twice), and it's making its international debut in London soon.
  • Developed, pitched, and sold the concepts/executions
  • Oversaw execution to maintain creative vision
  • Continue to work as lead creative on MLB business
David Butler

To date there's been...

- 12.5k tickets sold

- 60+ outlets who covered it, incl. a live segment on GMA

- 122.5m+ social impressions

what dis?
David Butler

And it worked!

- 75% of ppl planned to get more MLB in their lives 

35% attended a game

David Butler

To create 'Tasty' style vids, we developed a 3 camera rig that seamlessly cut + pushed content to phones

I scream...
David Butler

I wrote so many little pieces of copy I'm still dreaming in baseball puns...

Chew on that
David Butler

This was supposed to read, "HOLD ON TO YOUR BUNS" but the lawyers said no

David Butler

They always say, "art is in the eye of the beholder hot dog holder"

what dis?