Re: FoodFest

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Copywriter + Creative Lead (David Butler), Design (Monica Herman, Katy Bohurjak, & Patrick Finch), Production (Janna Ferner-Bell & Holly Krois)
With a median age of 53, MLB has the oldest fanbase in professional sports.
To help them attract a younger audience we put on MLB FoodFest — a one weekend blowout that brought the best dish from every stadium to NYC + paired them with scroll-stopping, oversized Instabait moments.
Every punny piece of copy and shareable detail was designed to freshen up the league's voice and image, showing a new generation of fans that this isn't your dad's MLB.
David Butler

 6K tix sold in 24hrs

40+ press outlets covered it, incl. a live segment on GMA

~20m social impressions

And back again in 2019

what dis?