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Miller Lite
Creative Lead + Copywriter (David Butler), Strategy (Rachel Darivoff), Design (Monica Herman, Joyce Chiang, & Christa Seta), Production (Kat Graves)

THE ASK: Miller Lite was sponsoring a number of music festivals and wanted to find a way to reach young fans — but light beer is a crowded category, and music festivals are a crowded space. To stand out you have to do more than just show up with some phone chargers. In short, Miller Lite needed a strong POV.

OUR SOLUTION: We helped Miller Lite stand out by standing for what really matters: the music.

While most brands were focused on the superficial parts of festivals (VIP sections, selfies, etc.), we we built a bar for the real fans and developed the way Miller Lite walks, talks, and acts in music — something that also permeated all of our social posts, digital banners, and swag.


The project proved so successful that, for 3 years, Miller used us as their lead music strategy agency, and consulted with us on everything from paid media to social.


  • Developed, pitched, and sold the concepts/executions

  • Supported our strategist in creating a social playbook

  • Oversaw execution to maintain creative vision

  • Continue to work as lead creative on Miller business


Music festivals used to be about muddy fields, friends,

and most of all: the music.


Then came kimchi tacos, flower crowns,

and the VVIPs with their cabanas.


What happened to showing up for the opener, staying for the last

last last encore, and screaming yourself hoarse?


We’ve had enough, and we're taking a stand.


Forget festival fans — this summer

we’re going to raise one up for music fans.

David Butler

- 79.4K+ fans through the door
- 50K+ beers sold
- 29.3K fans rewarded w/ swag
And doing it again for 2019

what dis?
David Butler

Our approach gave Miller something to stand for, not just sponsor

and dis?
David Butler

That involved writing for IRL, social, and digital (banners and geo-targeted push notifications)

what about dis?
David Butler

Strategy informed everything down to this 'fan to fan' reco wall

What do we have 👂🏻?
David Butler

Convince me it's not