Re: 12Status Yard Sale

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Copywriter + Creative Lead (David Butler), Design (Leanne Kriz), Production (Liz Nichols), Accounts (Lauren Valencia), Video (Wieden+Kennedy)
We worked with W+K to promote Delta’s 12Status (a program where Seahawks fans earn a Skymile for each passing yard) with a yard sale — Doug Baldwins Yard Sale, to be exact.
To do that we took the idea IRL, imagining an experience for fans that included everything from how we used Doug to little touches, like the jokes peppered into items and signage.
(Won Silver Ex Award)
David Butler

We knocked on a lot of doors — luckily this house belonged to HUGE Doug Baldwin fans : )

what dis?
David Butler

The yard sale was packed with Easter Eggs for 12s

and dis?
David Butler

Doug Baldwin drip

and these nice things?
David Butler

’Doug’s Date Night Kit’ was a secret golden ticket — Doug surprised the winner with flights + tix to a game

surprise party?
David Butler

Everything was a nod to knowledgable fans, down to the refreshments

that looks refreshing
The rest of the IAT promoted the Yard Unsale via OOH and Social (video by W+K)