Re: GAStro Station

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Chef's Cut
Creative (David Butler + Tricia Desjardins), Design (Alex Mutch), Production (Caroline Armstrong), Video + Scripting (Paul Fix)
THE ASK: Chef’s Cut is a genuinely great product created by an actual chef — but beef jerky isn’t exactly haute cuisine. So how do you communicate that quality story without coming across as the most pretentious snack in the aisle?
OUR SOLUTION: To position Chef's Cut as a cut above other jerkies, we jokingly turned Olivia Munn into a Master Jerky Sommelier and transformed an LA gas station into her GAStro Station.
Not only was there an IRL, tongue-in-cheek jerky tasting experience, but the concept carried over into content and even a website where people could get themselves Jerky Somm certified.
  • Worked with a partner to develop, pitch, and sell the concept
David Butler

An LA gas station garage that became a 5-star bistro for a day

what dis?
David Butler

Chevron regulars were V confused

and dis?
David Butler

Oliva Munn, our master meat somm, really hammed up the role 🍖🍖🍖

who dat?
David Butler
what this thingy?

It was a whole thing — and at the end they 'graduated', earning a master somm pin

Chef's Cut took our Jerky Sommelier concept and blew it out into content (scripting, direction, and video production by Paul Fix)
David Butler

It also became a cute 'web academy' where anyone can become a certified Jerky Sommelier

who dat?